Gothenburg based foodie Nikola Zivkovic shares his top 5 places to eat in Gothenburg.

Nikola Zivkovic, also known as @foodandcoffeegbg on his social channels, knows where to go in Gothenburg after more or less eating the whole city over last few years. This is his top 5 favorite spots in Gothenburg you must make a visit to on your next stop in the city.

Fiskbar 17

Magasinsgatan 17, 411 18 Gothenburg

“Fish and seafood on a very, very high level. Here everything is served from the citys best shrimp sandwich to amazing dish dishes often served in a more modern and exciting way. Feels very much Gothenburg, which I’m weak for.”


Stigbergsliden 17, 414 63 Gothenburg

“Best omakase in Sweden? I’m willing to bet my money on it. The Spaniard and sushi nerd Josรฉ has for several years now spoiled us who have had the luxury to visit and eat at his fantastic restaurant. If he had wanted or cared about such thing, he had without a doubt had a Michelin star today. An experience out of the ordinary.”


Postgatan 16, 411 06 Gothenburg

“Cocky, unique and qualitative summarizes Gustav Trรคgรฅrdhs restaurant and food pretty good. Here is streetfood being served from all the world’s corners on its very own and almost provoking way. A place where you get the feeling that the staff really enjoy their work and that results in really, really good food. Big plus for “We rather not change our dishes” as written on the menu, which I’d love to see more restaurants to follow.”


Fjรคrde Lรฅnggatan 3, 413 05 Gothenburg

“Like in Mexico, but In Gothenburg. Here is served both fine-dining and simpler food as tacos. No matter which option you choose you are going to leave the place with a smile on your lips since both food and service is keeping up a high level.”


Skanstorget 1, 411 22 Gothenburg

“One of the few places in Gothenburg serving hand-pulled noodles, and the way they do it! Springy noodles with perfect chewing texture and served together with a broth that has been laying and just been getting better for days, served with lovely meat.”


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