Have a glass at these charming locations where wine is both the heart and soul.

  • Rosforth & Rosforth

    Rosforth & Rosforth

    Relaxed hole-in-the wall wine bar and shop under the Knippelsbro bridge.

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  • La Banchina

    La Banchina

    Drop in for dips in the ocean, natural wines and farm-to-table style dishes all day long.

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  • Pompette


    Charming wine bar with wine by the glass and option to pick your own bottle from their wine storage.

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  • Propaganda


    Wine and dine with a menu filled of korean dishes that satisfy every single one your tastebuds.

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  • Lille Blรฅ Vinbar

    Lille Blรฅ Vinbar

    The most blue-colored wine bar in Copenhagen, and perhaps even in the world.

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