The stakes are high when it comes to a good steak tartare - and these restaurants have it.

  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette

    Food for sharing, tilted chandeliers and a great atmosphere that asks for cocktails and bubbles.

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  • Lokal 17

    Lokal 17

    Well made lunch offering every weekday with an signature steak tartare on the menu.

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  • Mutantur


    A modern restaurant by Alexander Sjögen serving up beautiful small to medium sharing dishes.

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  • Sture 1912

    Sture 1912

    Malmös latest and greatest brasserie on a location based on a longstanding history of Adelgatan.

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  • Västergatan


    If you enjoy a calm and casual dining experience with great food, then you are bound to love Västergatan.

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