Syster Jakobs

Artisanal ice cream and waffle cones made on the spot with love in central Lund.

Gelateria La Romana

Most likely the creamiest gelato you are able to chase down in all of Vienna. Period.

Francis Francis

A prime example on why one shouldn’t underestimate the greatness of soft ice cream.

Stikki Nikki

This pink ice cream shop is popular for a good reason with day-fresh handmade gelato.

Folkets Pops

Bike with handmade ice pops evolves to a fully fledged ice cream shop and cafรฉ in Augustenborg.


Perhaps the most creamy artisan gelato you can find in the streets of Sรถdermalm.

Mjuk Mjuk

This small gelato spot shows why nobody should put soft ice cream in the corner.

St. Jakobs Glass

Showcasing that a bakery just as well can possess the power of making artisan ice cream and sorbet.

Bar Italia

Small Italian cafรฉ at a prime location in Vรคstra Hamnen with coffee, artisan gelato, wine and food.

Dolce Sicilia

Jump into this small Italian spot for a classic espresso, creamy gelato or a pasta with pesto.

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