The best representation dedicated to expressing Italian cuisine, in the comfort of the city.

  • Gustavino


    Italian wines, porchetta and more with a cozy lively ambience at Stortorget in Malmö.

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  • l’Acquafarina


    With dough so fluffy you could have sworn you were on an Italian pizza cloud.

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  • Mastio


    Refined Italian classics and creative signatures. This is pizza signed by Sandra Mastio.

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  • Papi


    When it comes to Italian food, this small little eatery even gives Italy itself a run for their money.

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  • Via Palermo

    Via Palermo

    The traditional sweet flavors of Sicily, in the calm and sunny neighborhood of Ribersborg.

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  • Noi


    Neapolitan pizza well worth the travel to the industrial areas of Malmö.

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  • Farina


    Putting you on an express flight to the streets of Italy, and the best it has to offer.

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  • Bar Italia

    Bar Italia

    Small Italian café at a prime location in Västra Hamnen with coffee, artisan gelato, wine and food.

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  • Dolce Sicilia

    Dolce Sicilia

    Jump into this small Italian spot for a classic espresso, creamy gelato or a pasta with pesto.

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