Prepare your chopsticks and have a slurp on these great noodle dishes.

  • China Snack

    China Snack

    Authentic dishes from the Sichuan kitchen, cooked as a cultural exchange by Sihan.

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  • Ramen to Bíiru

    Ramen to Bíiru

    The success from Denmark-based Mikkeller has finally noodled itself over the bridge.

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  • LU


    Showcasing the very best of what to expect from cantonese street food at the heart of Davidshall.

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  • Grand Malmö

    Grand Malmö

    This popular bar hidden in Möllevången now offers a smaller selection of asian dishes and ramen.

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  • Pink Head Noodle Bar

    Pink Head Noodle Bar

    A bar that keeps evolving to keep itself in the forefront of delivering the best noodles in the city.

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