Lucy’s Flower Shop

A modern speakeasy cocktail bar, with a generous list of signature cocktails.


Exceptionally charming bar in Copenhagen surrounded with jazzy tunes and good cocktails.

A Bar Called Gemma

Neighborhood cocktail bar favored by locals and bartenders with a cozy interior and great cocktails.


This sister bar to acclaimed Ruby packs multiple floors for cocktails, and even one for the whiskey-lover.


There is no questions about the name of this bar since the cocktails are nothing but polished gems.


An exceptional bar serving up iconic cocktails while also offering beer, wine and dine.


One of the most hyped cocktail bar in Copenhagen that also gives you a complementary smile on your face.


Sit down, enjoy a cocktail and feel taken care of at this cocktail bar with a unique atmosphere.

Marie Antoinette

Food for sharing, tilted chandeliers and a great atmosphere that asks for cocktails and bubbles.

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