Truth & Dare

Dare to accept the truth of great cocktails in central Vienna.


A gem of a cocktail bar, located in central Vienna with great opening hours.


A cocktail parlor uniting local people through drinks since 2021 at Sankt Hans Torv.


A pulsating bar signed chef Jennie WalldΓ©n focusing on cocktails made with high quality ingredients.

Kyrkogatan fem

A bar where Negroni and wine takes the center stage in the city center of Lund.

Duck & Cover

Creative cocktails in a cozy atmosphere hidden away from the lively streets of Copenhagen.


Cocktails and asian eatery with an atmosphere tailored for the ultimate date night experience.

Lucy’s Flower Shop

A modern speakeasy cocktail bar, with a generous list of signature cocktails.


Exceptionally charming bar in Copenhagen surrounded with jazzy tunes and good cocktails.

A Bar Called Gemma

Neighborhood cocktail bar favored by locals and bartenders with a cozy interior and great cocktails.

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