Satisfy all your senses with these restaurants on a mission to give you an experience greater than taste.

  • Vollmers


    Refined fine dining reaching for the stars in a cozy environment signed by the Vollmers brothers.

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  • Quê


    Taking the flavors from Vietnam and putting them together into a refined experience.

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  • Lyran


    A cozy atmosphere and a menu that offers the best of the local produce for the day.

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  • Mutantur


    A modern restaurant by Alexander Sjögen serving up beautiful small to medium sharing dishes.

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  • Embassy


    The gastronome’s second living room where culinary art meets an equally excellent beverage selection.

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  • Kockeriet


    Casual fine dining with refined and beautiful dishes served in a snug and cozy atmosphere.

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  • Västergatan


    If you enjoy a calm and casual dining experience with great food, then you are bound to love Västergatan.

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