Showcasing the best of the best when it comes to representing asian culinary in the city.

  • Kin Long

    Kin Long

    Being the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city has not stopped Kin Long from constantly improving.

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  • Sushi Rebellion

    Sushi Rebellion

    Sushi and other rebellious dishes inspired from the world by award winning chef Pepi Anevski.

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  • SOHO


    Cocktails and asian eatery with an atmosphere tailored for the ultimate date night experience.

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  • China Snack

    China Snack

    Authentic dishes from the Sichuan kitchen, cooked as a cultural exchange by Sihan.

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  • Street Food by Pink Head

    Street Food by Pink Head

    (Sort of) asian street food, with that extra magical touch only Wade with Team Pink Head can deliver.

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  • Open Rice

    Open Rice

    Malmö just got itself a “sort of” new cantonese restaurant in town, hanging ducks included.

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  • Quê


    Taking the flavors from Vietnam and putting them together into a refined experience.

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  • LU


    Showcasing the very best of what to expect from cantonese street food at the heart of Davidshall.

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  • SOI 29

    SOI 29

    Doing the hard work of taking the authentic true flavors of thai food across borders.

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  • Sushibaren


    Do you think it would take endless years of training in Japan to master the art of sushi? Coulter McAbery couldn’t prove you more wrong.

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