Kin Long

Being the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city has not stopped Kin Long from constantly improving.


Delivering an authentic omakase experience at the centre square of VΓ€stra Hamnen.


Cocktails and asian eatery with an atmosphere tailored for the ultimate date night experience.


When Korean flavors gets infused with nordic ingredients, the result is nothing but a perfect match.

China Snack

Authentic dishes from the Sichuan kitchen, cooked as a cultural exchange by Sihan.

Mui Gong

Wide range of authentic Chinese dishes, being served up in the city center of Lund.

Open Rice

MalmΓΆ just got itself a “sort of” new cantonese restaurant in town, hanging ducks included.


Wine and dine with a menu filled of korean dishes that satisfy every single one your tastebuds.

BjΓΆrk & Bambu

Fusion between the nordic and asian kitchen that ends up in a delicate harmony.


Taking the success of Lu, but wrapping it in a southeast asian take based on greens.

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