Some of our top recommendations on where to eat, drink and have a fika in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Silberbauers Bistro

    Silberbauers Bistro

    Beloved French neighborhood bistro in Copenhagen with a main focus on food from the sea.

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  • Killer Kebab

    Killer Kebab

    A kebab that slays the game with homemade sourdough bread and aromatic crispy lamb.

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  • Pulp


    A cocktail parlor uniting local people through drinks since 2021 at Sankt Hans Torv.

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  • Strangas Greek Food

    Strangas Greek Food

    Greek gyros as it should be, made into reality by chef Nikolaos Strangas.

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  • Duck & Cover

    Duck & Cover

    Creative cocktails in a cozy atmosphere hidden away from the lively streets of Copenhagen.

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  • Saji


    Familiar dishes but with unique Indonesian flavors, combinations and presentation.

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  • BRUS


    A brewpub of Danish To Øl on the sunny side of Copenhagen with beer, cocktails and food.

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  • Warpigs


    Smoked meats, beer and generous seating as well opening hours at this Mikkeller-owned brewpub.

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  • Juju


    A modern take on Korean cuisine packed to the max with flavors, served with a nice presentation.

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  • Diamond Slice

    Diamond Slice

    New York-style pizza slices that leaves you wanting for a second before you even finished your first.

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  • BÆST


    Italian dishes meets danish craftmanship with handmade cheese, charcuterie and local produce.

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  • Bird


    Exceptionally charming bar in Copenhagen surrounded with jazzy tunes and good cocktails.

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  • Andersen & Maillard

    Andersen & Maillard

    Coffee, pastry and perhaps Copenhagens most Instagram-friendly croissants.

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  • Lidkoeb


    This sister bar to acclaimed Ruby packs multiple floors for cocktails, and even one for the whiskey-lover.

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  • Andersen Bakery

    Andersen Bakery

    Danish baking traditions, Japanese precision. This fusion bakery is a must visit for a fika.

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  • Ruby


    There is no questions about the name of this bar since the cocktails are nothing but polished gems.

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  • Gasoline Grill

    Gasoline Grill

    You don’t need to pour no gasoline on top of this burger – it’s already on fire.

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  • Pompette


    Charming wine bar with wine by the glass and option to pick your own bottle from their wine storage.

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  • Juno the Bakery

    Juno the Bakery

    One of Copenhagens most beloved bakeries opened by a Swede delivers on its ongoing hype.

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  • April Coffee Store & Showroom

    April Coffee Store & Showroom

    If you are a coffee nerd then you will feel right at home at this store and showroom of April Coffee.

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  • Poulette


    Winner winner chicken dinner is very applicable at this small shop serving up spicy fried chicken.

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  • Barabba


    Contemporary Italian food with pasta dishes that will etch itself deep on to your heart.

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  • Propaganda


    Wine and dine with a menu filled of korean dishes that satisfy every single one your tastebuds.

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  • Lille Blå Vinbar

    Lille Blå Vinbar

    The most blue-colored wine bar in Copenhagen, and perhaps even in the world.

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  • Balderdash


    One of the most hyped cocktail bar in Copenhagen that also gives you a complementary smile on your face.

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  • Atelier September

    Atelier September

    Cafe that offers a well-made breakfast, fika or just a nice beverage on the sunny side.

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  • OTTO Pizza

    OTTO Pizza

    Simply uncomplicated and delicious neapolitan style pizza that only needs an cold drink as a companion.

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  • Hart Bageri

    Hart Bageri

    One thing is for sure about this danish bakery – you will likely have a crush on their pastry.

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  • Bar Deco

    Bar Deco

    A bar hidden from the busy streets of Copenhagen, with a cosy atmosphere and great cocktails.

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